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Lakes Region Mental Health Center has purchased and
renovated 575 Main Street in downtown Laconia.

We have transformed this landmark, three-story building into a 24,000 square foot state-of-the-art medical facility for our patients and for the community. We have consolidated our clinical services into one point of access. In doing so, we have closed service gaps, enhanced the quality of care, expanded the services available to our patients, and made access to care easier for those that need it.

Our new medical facility brings numerous benefits to the community:

Respectful care for patients: Respectful care is private. Respectful care is serving patients in a well-designed medical facility. Respectful care is demonstrating to patients and staff that they are valued. The new facility is welcoming, open, bright, and well-appointed. It demonstrates that we are all dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Genesis Behavioral Health Integrated care: Integrated care means caring for the physical and mental health of our patients. The new facility has offices for primary care physicians, a pharmacy, two exam rooms, a nursing station, and laboratory services so that patients with severe mental illness can see their mental health and physical health providers in the same location.

New care options: Group therapy is a proven treatment that is both effective and cost-efficient. Our new location has significant group/training room space, allowing us to expand our services to include adult and child group therapy, provide educational sessions for the community, and offer support groups for parents of children with diagnosed mental health conditions

Efficiency: Therapy staff, located in one medical facility for the first time, now have ease of collaboration, both formal and informal. Patients have a centralized location for referrals, individual counseling sessions, group work, and workshops. The building is located in the heart of the downtown area and within walking distance of many of our patients - essential in an area with limited transportation options.

Genesis Behavioral Health Meet the growing demand: Lakes Region Mental Health Center has seen a 28% increase in the number of patients served in the past seven years. Access to mental health/ behavioral health care services was identified as a top priority for community health care improvement in both the 2014 Central NH Health Partnership Needs Assessment and the 2014 Partnership for Public Health Needs Assessment reports. Given today's environment of socioeconomic pressures and the opioid crisis, we anticipate even greater demand for services. Our new facility helps us to meet the increasing need for mental health services.

Cost savings for Lakes Region Mental Health Center: The operating costs of the new facility is comparable to what we paid for four different offices in four different Laconia locations. The projected cost savings from improved operations, training, and staff retention, once realized, will be reinvested directly into patient care.

Cost savings for the Lakes Region: Community-based care is better care. It is more cost effective than hospitalization; more humane than long stays in the Emergency Department. The average cost of community-based mental health care in New Hampshire is $120 per day. Hospitalization at NH s psychiatric hospital in Concord is $788 per day - if there is a bed available. If there is no bed, patients wait in the emergency room of their local hospital; an average of 45 adults and children are waiting in hospital emergency rooms every day at a minimum median cost of $1,233 per day.

Without treatment, a startling number of patients are incarcerated. Seventy percent of youth in the juvenile justice system have at least one mental health condition. A 2016 study in The Lancet Psychiatry reports that for every $1 spent on mental health for treatment such as counseling and medication, the government could receive a $4 return on their investment. The economic savings of preventative treatment in the community are clear. The savings in heartbreak are incalculable.

Economic boost for Laconia s downtown: We have revitalized this underutilized, dated building and bring 120 professionals to Main Street; professionals that eat lunch out, grocery shop, and frequent retail shops. The Mayor and City Council members support our consolidation of four locations into one downtown facility.

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Through Healthy Minds, Healthy Communities, Lakes Region Mental Health Center will build our foundational strength so that we may continue to grow and thrive with innovative programming, deep community partnerships, and excellent care for all who live in our communities.

To learn more about Lakes Region Mental Health Center's Healthy Minds, Healthy Communities capital campaign, please contact Ann E. Nichols, Director of Development and Public Relations at 603-524-1100 x445 or

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